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Must see documentary, “Food Inc.”

26th October 2011
Must see documentary, “Food Inc.”

I will never eat meat that comes from an Industrial Feedlot Operation (IFO) ever again! A client of mine told me to watch Food Inc, a documentary that reveals the disgusting truth about the meat we eat. I was appalled! I am officially boycotting Tyson, Perdue, Monsanto and any other big businesses that are contributing to the downfall of ethical farming in America.

Food Inc also explains what E. coli poisoning is and how it gets into our meat and produce. Without getting into too much detail, if you have E. coli poisoning, it’s because you ate animal poop! This only happens at IFO’s because the animals are crammed into gated areas and forced to eat corn and soy instead of grass. This causes them to defecate excessively and so they are forced to live and walk in their own manure their entire lives. The manure attracts bugs called E. coli and from there, manure finds its way into our meat and that is how people die of E. coli poisoning. It gets into our produce because of the runoff that is filled with E. coli saturated manure from IFO’ s.

Please rent this movie asap! It is an important film for everyone to watch because our current food system is making us sick with diseases such as diabetes and obesity, and the FDA and USDA are not protecting us! Both animals and humans are being mistreated and disrespected on farms and in slaughterhouses, and the Earth is being destroyed. Sustainable, organic farming is the only option for our future. It is good for the earth’s ecosystems, human health, and the economy.
You have the power to demand healthy food from sustainable farms! Every time you purchase something at the grocery store, you are voting for the products you want to see more of. Buy organic! Buy grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and organic eggs only! If you can’t find them at your local grocery store, you can shop at your local farmer’s markets (see information below). Please go to for other ways you can help get nutritionally dense, unadulterated food back into our grocery stores.

Here are links to your local farmer’s market:



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