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Up & Down Planks

11th December 2012
Up & Down Planks

Everyone knows that holding a stationary plank increases core strength, but did you know you can also use planks to train your core through movement? One way to do this is called the Up & Down Plank. It is extremely challenging for your core and will also help to increase your upper body strength.


To perform the Up & Down Plank, start in an elbow plank position with elbows directly under your shoulders and feet about hip width apart.


Push up to the top of a push us position leading with your left hand, then lower yourself back down again to elbow plank position leading with the left hand.


The goal is to keep your body as stiff as a board as you move from elbows to hands. Keep your stomach in tight and your hips facing the ground. Repeat this 5 times leading with your left hand and then 5 times leading with your right hand for a total of 10 repetitions. If you aren’t strong enough to push yourself up, you can modify this exercise by doing it on your knees.

As a personal trainer, one way I advance this plank for my clients is to have them perform as many Up & Down Planks as possible in one minute. They should lead with their right hand for the first 30 seconds, then another 30 seconds leading with their left hand (no break in between). I guarantee this will be challenging even for the most advanced plankers!



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