About Dara Mazzie Personal Trainer

I am an NASM certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist training from a private studio in Redondo Beach, California. I’ve had many personal experiences that help me relate to my clients. As a former NCAA Division I soccer player, I know what it is like to train for peak performance. I have also had to recover from serious injury, surgery, chronic pain, and then return to sport and everyday life. While recovering from hip surgery, I gained almost 40 pounds and had to lose it by experimenting with several diets and exercise programs until I found the right ones. I have been through it all and have come out of all of it in the best shape of my life! I can help you reach your health fitness goals no matter what they are.


My fitness philosophy stems from functional fitness training. Functional fitness training is any exercise that helps make you stronger in everyday life, whether you are a competitive athlete or a single working parent. I customize client workouts according to their personal goals.  I believe that with the right combination of rest, proper nutrition, and exercise, I can help you reach your fitness goals.


In order to achieve maximum results, I use a combination of resistance training, high intensity interval training and flexibility training. This integrated approach not only keeps it interesting for my clients, but also causes muscle confusion so that you never plateau. Clients who come to my studio ready to work benefit the most. Many are sleeping better, are less stressed, and living healthy and happier lifestyles.



Trudi Sharpsteen

As a fairly serious athlete having had access to great trainers in my career, I have to say that I get better results with Dara than I have with anyone (that includes professional trainers whose sole purpose it is to train for sport specific performance).  I am stronger, get more out of my hour and I am definitely seeing better physical results.  She is up on all of the latest work outs and technology and keeps things fresh and interesting.  I also enjoy my time with D because she is delightful and it makes it far less painful to have someone you enjoy pushing you!


Courtney Skiba

“I have been an athlete all my life, always surrounded by trainers, coaches and nutritionists.  I have never had a more rewarding result with anyone as I have had with Dara.  Athletically, I am the most finely tuned that I’ve ever been, performing at levels I didn’t even achieve as a Division 1 collegiate athlete.  Nutrionally, I’ve never felt better, using food as fuel to propel me to my best.  And aesthetically, I am seeing muscles I never knew I had and have never been stopped by more people to be asked the question “WHAT are you doing to look like THAT??”  Dara is a mentor, a task master, a guru and a friend all rolled into one.  Inspired and eternally grateful are not words enough to describe how I feel every day.”


Irene Martinez

Dara is the first personal trainer I have worked out with.  I have been working out with her for about 10 months now and I have not only seen such a change in my body, but my eating habits have improved and I am more aware of what eat throughout the day.  She keeps me motivated and focused on my goals and knows what works for me and my body.  She has definitely changed my view of fitness and showed me what I can accomplish with dedication and hard work.


Maribel Lackey

I have been training with Dara for a couple of months and I am so happy with the results that I am starting to see. Dara is great at focusing in on my personal goals and really pushing me to do better than I think I can do. I’m not at all athletic by nature, and somehow she has me doing exercises I never thought I would be able to do. I still have a long way to go, but already feel so much stronger and better about my body. The compliments from my husband and family are also an added bonus. I would highly recommend Dara Mazzie Personal Training to anyone.


Sumner Brooks

Registered Dietician

Dara is as good as it gets! She trained me for 4 months, 3 times a week leading up to my wedding. Not only was she motivating, supportive, and super-encouraging, she was such a great person to spend an hour with that I never wanted to miss any appointments. Unlike some personal trainers, Dara does not make you weigh in every session, or scold you for not doing your homework. She always listens to what your concerns/needs are and finds ways to help you fit in more activity, better eating, and more water. As a professional in the nutrition industry, I commend Dara for making the extra effort to study nutrition to be able to provide her clients with accurate information when they need it. She’s super fit, super wonderful, and a super trainer. She gave me the tools and guidance to reach my goals for my wedding and had a huge impact on how I felt that day. Dara is THE BEST PERSONAL TRAINER I know!


Julie Luddington

Dara’s personal training has been transformative for me and has helped me really understand the value of exercise. I will be 60 this year and I haven’t felt this self confident or physically fit in over 20 years. Because of Dara’s innovative, fun and challenging program, I now exercise regularly and truly enjoy working out. I met Dara  6 weeks after full hip replacement and I have been transformed, physically and emotionally into this very positive, fit and frankly pretty good looking woman of (almost) 60. Dara is an amazing, insightful and very talented professional and I am truly grateful to her.


Denise Walsh

I’ve been training with Dara Mazzie for about 18 months now. During that time I’ve lost pounds and inches, but gained much, much more. Not only has my muscle tone and strength increased tremendously, but so has my stamina, confidence and self esteem.  Dara has transformed my body into that of an athlete…something I hadn’t been able to achieve in 10 yrs of practicing Pilates.  She has a comprehensive and holistic approach to fitness, and challenges me to strive for (and accomplish!) more each time I visit her.  I’m thrilled with my new & improved body and renewed outlook on life!