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At Home Medicine Ball Workout #2

Need a challenging workout that can be done in a small space with little equipment? Grab a medicine ball and and try this one at home! I chose 7 exercises to be done circuit style, meaning you should complete them back to back with very little rest in between. Training in this fashion will keep your heart rate up so that you not only get a great strength workout, but you also get a cardiovascular challenge. This workout is quick and tailored to accommodate all fitness levels. I used the medicine ball to increase the intensity of each exercise, but you can just as easily complete this workout with just your body weight.

Medicine Ball workout #2 trains you in all 3 planes of motion, works most major muscle groups, and will increase your strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular endurance. The best part is that it shouldn’t take you longer than 25 minutes to complete the entire workout! Here are the 7 functional exercises I chose for this workout with an explanation as to why I chose them.

1. MB (Medicine Ball) Heartbeat Squats – chosen because squatting and pressing are primal movement patterns & they will strengthen muscles in your upper and lower body while working in the sagittal plane of motion.

2. MB Mountain Climbers – chosen to strengthen core musculature, increase cardiovascular endurance, and agility while working the entire body through the sagittal plane of motion.

3. MB Reverse Lunge with a Twist – chosen because lunging and twisting are primal movement patterns and works to increase range of motion in your spine while strengthening your lower body through the sagittal and transverse planes of motion.

4. MB Side Planks – chosen to strengthen core musculature on the side of your body while working in the frontal plane of motion.

5. MB V-Ups – chosen to strengthen the abdominals in the sagittal plane of motion.

6. Single Leg Hip Press Hold w/ Leg Lift – chosen to strengthen musculature in your hamstrings, glutes, and low back while working through the sagittal plane of motion.

7. Cobra – chosen to increase strength in back and glutes, open up the chest and reverse forward posture while working in the transverse and sagittal planes of motion.

If you are a beginner, start by doing 1 set of each exercise and work your way up to 3. Once you can complete 3 sets at the beginner level, it’s time to move up to the intermediate level. If you are advanced, start with 3 sets and try to beat your time each time you do the workout. I was able to complete 3 circuits of all 7 advanced exercises in less than 25 minutes. Try and beat my time and leave me a comment if you do!


Beginner Intermediate Advanced
1. MB Heartbeat Squats
8-12 reps 12-20 reps 20-30 reps
2. MB Mountain Climbers
10-15 secs 20-30 secs 45 secs-1min
3. MB Reverse Lunge w/ Twist
10-16 reps total (5-8 per side) 18-24 reps total (9-12 per side) 30-40 reps total (15-20 per side)
4. MB Side Plank
10-20 secs 20-30 secs 30-45 secs
5. MB V-Ups 4-6 reps 8-12 reps 15-20 reps
6. MB Single Leg Hip Press w/ Lift 5-8 reps per leg 10-12 reps per leg 12-15 reps per leg
7. Cobra 5-8 reps 8-12 reps 12-15 reps


Watch my video to see how it’s done in real time. Hit LIKE if you got a great workout. If you have a question, leave a comment and I will be happy to answer it for you. This is one of many at home workouts that I will be posting so stay tuned!

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